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audio file prep

Years in the making. The story of a lifetime. Now that your recording is complete, and you’re ready to bring it to life in the unrivaled format of vinyl, let’s make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Before you hit send, give your audio files a once-over with these guidelines:

max play length

We strongly advise staying within the maximum recommended playing lengths per side (see next section). Longer playing times lead to a decrease in the recording level (volume) and a diminishment of the dynamics.

12" vinyl
31 1/3 RPM = 15-22 min
45 RPM = 12-16 min
10" vinyl
31 1/3 RPM = 12-15 min
45 RPM = 9-12 min
7" vinyl
31 1/3 RPM = 6-8 min
45 RPM = 4-6 min

start off strong

When sequencing tracks, keep in mind that as the needle moves inward, the diameter decreases, groove density increases and the risk of distortion rises. Therefore, it's advisable to place louder or more powerful tracks at the start of each side.

submit track list

MRP requires a detailed tracklist complete with track times, breaks for each side of the LP (Side A, Side B, Side C, Side D, etc.), and the total runtime for each side.

one file per side

For the finest fidelity and seamless playback, we highly suggest providing a single WAV file for each side of your LP. By submitting one file per side, the audio experience remains true to its intended flow, crucial for gapless performances like live recordings.

always double check

Make sure the data on the track list is in perfect harmony with the master, the labels, and every ounce of artwork involved.

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