a custom vinyl record box set made to look like a bird house
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deluxe packaging

Never underestimate the value of first impressions - a picture truly is worth a thousand words! To ensure that your next vinyl project stands out from the crowd, enlist the help of our experienced deluxe ‘bespoke’ packaging team to transform your next vinyl project into a truly unique collector’s edition.

the possibilities are endless

There are no limits to your creativity with our fully custom Bespoke packaging team. We can produce any custom component and source any special material you need to make your wildest packaging ideas come to life. Custom papers and finishes? We’ve got ‘em. Die cuts, foil stamps, and emboss? We’ve got those too. Merch, trinkets, and bells & whistles? If you can dream it, we can make it.

christmas themed custom vinyl record packaging with popup


The beauty of Bespoke lies within the word itself: a uniquely custom package made exclusively for you the way that you want it. Just share your vision with us and we’ll make it a reality, guaranteed.

believe the hype

It's not just packaging, it's an experience for true fans, that feeling that comes from holding a limited edition box set in their hands. So what better way is there to build some hype for your next album?

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