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For over a century, Memphis has been a mecca for musical innovation, and at Memphis Record Pressing, we're honored to play a part in that legacy. But, as important as our work is, MRP's real heart and soul are our relationships. We’re committed to building a community where music is the thread that keeps us tight-knit.

That's why we're all about backing the fantastic non-profits and organizations that make Memphis shine brighter every day. We're thrilled to lend our support to the following groups, pitching in both financially and with our time.

For the Music Makers at MRP, getting involved with these organizations isn't just important—it's part of who we are. It reflects our team and the spirit of our whole company.


Makers supporting makers

Memphis Record Pressing proudly partners with Think Threads for our merchandise needs. With a shared commitment to quality and reliability, Think Threads helps us outfit our crew and promote our brand with ease. Their screen printing and embroidery services offer versatility and professionalism, ensuring our merchandise stands out in any arena. From shirts to totes and even hoodies, they've got us covered. Together, we elevate our brand presence effortlessly, thanks to Think Threads' expertise and dedication.


Memphis Record Pressing is excited to link up with J. Brooks Coffee Roasters, a passionate company dedicated to crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Based right here in the Grind City, J. Brooks was founded on the belief that coffee cultivates community and embodies quality connections. Together, we're brewing up something special: Morning Groove, a new coffee blend sure to harmonize with your unique Roastinality. Stay tuned as we blend music and coffee to bring richness and plenty of high notes to your morning cup.


Memphis Record Pressing proudly teams up with Dinstuhl's Fine Candies, an iconic Memphis establishment steeped in over a century of sweet history. Discover our delectable chocolate records now at Dinstuhl's. The intricate processes of vinyl pressing and chocolate making intertwine as both require a touch of magic and a lot of love, resulting in creations that captivate the senses. Indulge in these artisanal treats, celebrating the complexity and passion behind each bite and beat.



For three consecutive years, we at Memphis Record Pressing have been honored to be recognized as an Inc. 500 company. Featured in both Inc. magazine and Inc.com, this prestigious acknowledgment highlights our remarkable growth and success. This accolade not only boosts credibility but also celebrates the dedication of our team, attracting top talent to propel our continued expansion.


Memphis Record Pressing proudly aligns with the Vinyl Record Manufacturers Association (VRMA), a professional trade association committed to advancing the craft of vinyl record manufacturing. By fostering collaboration, advocating for industry standards, and providing essential education, VRMA ensures excellence in vinyl production. As a member, we contribute to shaping the future of this timeless medium, while staying informed and connected within the industry.


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