We understand the intricate world of vinyl production can sometimes leave you scratching your head. Fear not! Here are some FAQs covering everything from our products to our ordering process. If your query isn't covered here, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

how do i place an order?

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what product options do you offer?

Dig deeper into our vinyl offerings at our Vinyl Records, and Deluxe Packaging pages.

how accurate are quotes?

While our quotes are pretty spot-on, they don't cover shipping, production tolerance, or taxes. We'll nail down those specifics with you at the end of the ordering process.

what is the production tolerance?

Due to the nature of vinyl production, there's a variance of +/- 10% in materials. So, you might receive slightly more or fewer records than what you ordered. If you get less, you'll be reimbursed; if you get more, we'll send an additional invoice. Please be sure and speak to your customer service representative for more details.

how do i pay for my order?

You've got options for payment: we can shoot you a PayPal invoice, or you can ring us up and pay by credit card.

Prefer the old-school route? We gladly accept checks mailed to:

Memphis Record Pressing
3015 Brother Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38133

Just remember, unless we've made special arrangements beforehand, full payment is due before we kickstart the vinyl-making magic.

how do i submit my artwork?

Once you've hashed out the details with your friendly customer service rep, it's time to send in your art files via email. Before we kickstart the printing process, you'll get proofs of your art files to double-check.

For tips on file prep, head over to our Art File Prep page. Need a deeper dive? Check out our Advanced File Prep here.

how do i submit my audio files?

Once your order is all squared away with your customer service rep (CSR), please send us your audio files via a file-sharing service such as Dropbox, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc. We also accept transfers via FTP, so please reach out to your customer service rep for that info. Note that the preferred format for audio files is high-resolution WAV, which can often be pretty large files, and thus unsuitable for email.

For handy tips on file prep, hop over to our Audio File Prep page.

do you issue upc barcodes?

Absolutely! For just $35, we can hook you up with a custom barcode for your project. Just give us a heads-up if you need a UPC when placing your order.

can i re-order?

Certainly! You're welcome to reorder as frequently as necessary. Plus, the turnaround time tends to be turbocharged, thanks to MRP maintaining the audio and art for your project on file.

when licensing samples, what do i need to do?

For MRP to move forward, a paper trail via an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form is paramount. This document demonstrates your authority to produce licensed content. MRP mandates this IPR form to maintain the sanctity of copyright materials and other intellectual property rights. Access the form here. It's the verifiable voucher of your recording ownership; without it, MRP's presses remain paused.

how much music can i fit on a 12" record?

Heed this advice: stick to 22 minutes per side for a 33 ⅓ RPM record, and for 12” LPs spinning at 45 RPM, cap it at 16 minutes per side. We suggest you place your most powerful tracks upfront on each side. Remember, as the vinyl diameter shrinks towards the center, playback quality declines. For more information, head over to the Audio File Prep page.

are there any minimums?

Given the intricate process of vinyl pressing, MRP kindly requests a minimum order quantity of 300 records.

why do you have a lacquer mastering process when i already had the audio mastered?

Audio mastering and lacquer mastering are two different processes. It's imperative your audio is expertly mastered specifically for vinyl and meets your satisfaction before forwarding the files to MRP. Once MRP has your audio files, we “cut” a lacquer master that is then processed through a series of steps to prepare it for manufacturing. For more information about this process, please check out our Vinyl 101 page.

what is the matrix number and catalog number?

The ‘matrix’ (or catalog) number is a unique identification number that is etched into the inner ‘matrix’ area of the record. This number is normally assigned by the person placing the order, and identifies the audio for any given record according to the customer's organizational system. When it comes time to press the records, MRP etches the matrix/catalog number in the blank space between the label and the audio grooves (the ‘matrix’ area). This number is then pressed into every subsequent record, allowing for easy identification.

how will my records be shipped?

MRP's got your back when it comes to getting your records to your distributor. And hey, if you need them sent somewhere else too, no sweat, we can handle that. We take extra care to double-box your records for a smooth ride. Usually, about 25 single-jacket LPs cozy up in one box, but that number varies. We like to roll with FedEx, but if you've got a different carrier in mind, just submit a request with your customer service rep!

do you ship internationally?

Sure thing! If your distributor is based internationally, we'll ship your records straight to them without any hassle.

will you store my products?

MRP's in high gear, hustling to get vinyl records from a bunch of labels and musicians into the hands of eager fans pronto. Our warehouse is always buzzing and filled to the brim, leaving zero space for storage.

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