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our history

In 2014, Memphis Record Pressing (MRP) was born out of a beautiful collaboration between the creative minds of Audiographic Masterworks (AGMW) and the forward-thinkers at Fat Possum Records (FP). Combining several decades’ worth of experience in the worlds of music and manufacturing, AGMW and FP joined forces to answer the call of the resurging vinyl industry.

After acquiring a dormant pressing plant in Brooklyn, NY, MRP set out on a mission to breathe new life into vintage machinery, laying the groundwork for vinyl's revival. Everything fell into place in January 2015, when MRP proudly opened its doors to the public.

In a pivotal moment in June 2016, MRP joined forces with GZ Media (GZ), the largest vinyl record manufacturer worldwide. This historic partnership, coupled with the growing global enthusiasm for vinyl and the eagerness of major record labels to embrace its resurgence, propelled MRP to the forefront of global vinyl LP production.

(Left to Right) Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records, Brandon Seavers, and Mark Yoshida.

In 2021, MRP embarked on an ambitious multimillion-dollar expansion, more than tripling its size, and further cementing its place as one of the largest vinyl manufacturers in North America.

only the best

At MRP, our mission is crystal clear: press top-notch records at lightning speeds, backed by the best customer service in the biz. Our Memphis heritage runs deep, and we wear it like a badge of honor, staying true to our roots and pledging to keep the vinyl flame burning bright for generations to come.

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